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Winter Weather Disrupts US Car Production

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The severe freezing temperatures in many parts of the United States are disrupting production at major auto companies.


Production had to be temporarily halted in various American car factories, for example, due to a power failure.

General Motors (GM) has interrupted production at a plant in Texas due to a power shortage and because employees were having trouble getting to work. Ford Motor has shut down production at a Missouri plant. This is related to a lack of natural gas in the area.

The Japanese Toyota Motor intervenes at locations in Kentucky, Mississippi, Texas and West Virginia. The Japanese Nissan Motor is temporarily halting all production in the US.

The disruptions to production from the harsh winter weather in the US are in addition to the problems that carmakers have with a shortage of chips. Because of that shortage, production was also temporarily halted in factories.

The oil industry in the US is also struggling with the freezing cold. For example, Shell announced that a large refinery in Texas would be shut down.

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