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What is A Hair Follicle?

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Without going into the details, we can briefly and simply describe a hair follicle as the place for hair growth. It is a tunnel-like shape organ that exists in mammals. The term “hair follicle” is often confused with the term “graft”, but graft is a combination of hair follicles. The terms such as hair follicle and grafts have never been so familiar to many of us. And both terms are frequently used in the world of hair transplant.


So, why a hair follicle is important for a hair transplant treatment?

Hair Follicles and Hair Transplant

A hair follicle is very important when it comes to hair transplant treatment, especially for the success of a hair transplant. In a hair transplant procedure, each hair follicles are extracted from the donor areas and implemented into the scalp’s balding areas. The number of grafts to be implemented in the balding areas are determined by the number of hair follicles you have. While some patients can get around 4500 grafts at one hair transplant treatment, some patients can only get 2500. This is because of the number of hair follicles they have in their donor areas; as the saying goes, the more, the merrier.

The quantity of hair follicles is not the only one that matters. Along with the number of hair follicles, the quality matters too. If your hair follicles are weak, then this affects the chances of survival of the implemented hair follicles. But if you have healthy hair follicles, the results of your hair transplant would be very satisfying.

Hair Transplant, Technology, and Medical Tourism

Hair transplant has increasingly been popular during the last decade thanks to advancements in hair transplant treatment techniques and medical tourism. While the latest hair transplant treatment techniques made hair transplant a less-invasive surgery, medical tourism improved hair transplant access because of affordable costs.

Earlier hair transplant treatment techniques such as FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) were invasive with long recovery times and scarring. However, recent techniques such as FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), Sapphire, DHI (Direct Hair Implementation) are very promising. Compared to FUT, these newer techniques are less invasive with shorter recovery times and do not leave visible scars. A hair transplant is a pain-free procedure already as it is performed under local anaesthesia. And some clinics offer pain-free/needle-free anaesthesia option by offering pressure-powered anaesthesia. So, literally, you don’t feel a thing during the procedure.

Hair transplant gets more and more popular as they get more affordable. A hair transplant procedure is a very labour-intensive procedure that takes around 6 to 8 hours. Therefore, in countries where labour costs are high, such as the UK and US, hair transplant costs are high. Before medical tourism, most people were unable to access hair transplant due to high costs. But now, people from anywhere in the world have a chance to find a high-quality hair transplant treatment within their budget.

In the world of medical tourism, Turkey is among the most popular countries as it is close to Europe and has very qualified surgeons. Hair Transplant in Turkey is approximately 1/3 of the price in the UK. This is because of the lower labour costs. Many superb medical travel companies in Turkey, such as MCAN Health, offer the highest-quality hair transplant treatment with exceptional patient care. They offer affordable hair transplant treatment packages to be able to provide “beauty for everyone”. With their affordable all-inclusive hair transplant packages and excellent patient care, they make thousands of people from different parts of the world happy every year.


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