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Well-Known Jewelry Elizabeth Exhibited for Anniversary

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In honour of Queen Elizabeth’s platinum jubilee, some of her most famous jewellery pieces are on display. Interested parties can view the jewellery up close in various residences of the Queen.


For example, her tiara with 1,333 diamonds will be displayed at Buckingham Palace from July 22, the Royal Collection Trust announced on Thursday. The foundation manages the royal collections on behalf of the Queen and ensures the opening of the palaces.

Elizabeth usually wears the diamond-encrusted diadem on her way to the traditional opening of parliament. This year she was unable to attend due to health reasons. Hate eldest son Charles did the honours.

In addition to the tiara, the famous Delhi Durbar necklace can also be admired. This piece of jewellery, which contains part of the largest diamond ever found, can be viewed in the palace in London. In addition, several brooches and the Queen’s coronation robes are on display at Windsor Castle.

Several of Elizabeth’s outfits that she wore during her silver, gold and diamond jubilee are on display at Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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