Sunday, April 14

Vice President Kamala Harris Becomes the First Female President of the United States

In the United States today, there is a very temporary change of power. First, president Joe Biden has to undergo a medical examination under anaesthetic, in which case presidential powers are transferred to the vice president.


In this case, it’s Kamala Harris, and it’s the first time a woman has wielded that presidential power.

President Biden drove to the famous Walter Reed hospital. There will be an annual medical examination by the president, but there will also be a bowel examination this time, and Biden will be given a full anaesthetic for that.

As a result, he cannot rule for a while, and in such circumstances, full presidential powers are temporarily transferred to the vice president. That’s Kamala Harris, and the new thing is that it’s a woman who exercises that presidential power for the first time in history. Harris will work from her office in the White House.

In 2002 and 2007, then-President George W. Bush also underwent such a bowel examination under anaesthetic. Then power was briefly handed over to his vice president Dick Cheney.

Joe Biden is 79, and he is the oldest president ever elected. He has had some medical issues in the past but was found fit last year. It is the first time he has undergone an annual medical examination since becoming president.

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