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USPS CEO Promises Timely and Secure Handling of Postal Votes

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Louis DeJoy, the new CEO of the US Postal Service, has promised Senators of the Homeland Security Committee that the votes cast by mail in the US presidential election will be handled “meticulously and on time”.


Partly due to the corona crisis, a record number of Americans are expected not to go to a polling station in November, but to send in the completed ballot paper.

Democratic Congressmen, in particular, are concerned that the state postal company cannot handle the rapid processing.

They accuse the Trump administration of trying to influence the election results through postal cuts. DeJoy said on Friday that is not the case.

“On the way to election season, I want to assure the committee and the American public that the Postal Service is very capable and utterly committed to delivering the population’s election mail carefully and on time.”

DeJoy told the senators. “This sacred duty is my number 1 priority between now and election day.”

The United States House of Representatives oversight committee will be questioning DeJoy Monday along with Robert Duncan, the chairman of the USPS board of directors.

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