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US Stock Markets are Rising Again After Last Week’s Unrest

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The US stock markets have started higher into the new month. Last week, the New York stock markets had their worst week since October when market turmoil led to a sell-off.


This unrest was partly because Reddit investors, small investors who poured their money into a few small shares en masse, pushed up computer game retailer GameStop and cinema chain AMC.

This raised doubts about the valuation of several shares.

Tech stocks also rose. This week, web store Amazon and Google parent Alphabet will come up with figures, and the markets expect a lot from that. Investors are also looking at the political developments surrounding a corona support package and vaccination progress against the pandemic.

Amazon rose 1.6 percent. It is expected that this web store has benefited from the corona measures in many countries. Amazon also offers server space in the cloud, which is also very interesting for companies that need to make homeworking possible.

Alphabet (plus 1.6 percent) has presumably managed to take advantage of the improving online advertising market. Facebook also managed to take advantage of this, as it turned out last week when that company opened the books.

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