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US Democrats Announce Sanctions Against Putin Over Ukraine Invasion

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Democrats in the US Senate will present a bill that would include sweeping sanctions against Russia in case it invades Ukraine, The Washington Post reports.


According to the newspaper, this has consequences for government officials, including President Vladimir Putin, the army top and important financial institutions.

Senator Robert Menendez’s initiative also includes provisions aimed at strengthening Ukrainian security. They also encourage the US to oppose the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline commissioning, which runs from Russia to Germany. The leadership has been described as a “tool of Russia’s malicious influence”.

According to The Washington Post, several dozen Democratic senators have already said they are in favour of the bill, which is also supported by the White House. The paper further reports that the law also affects Russian companies with secure messaging systems that banks and other financial institutions use to exchange important information.

It is not yet clear when the Senate will vote on the bill. The draft comes a few days after the US and Russian deputy ministers met in Geneva, Switzerland, to discuss the heightened tensions in Europe. There was no breakthrough. Western countries fear an invasion because of the Russian troop build-up in Ukraine, while the Russians demand that NATO leave Eastern Europe and Ukraine never join NATO.

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