Sunday, April 14

UN Chief Guterres: EU Must Take A Leading Role in Climate Action

The Secretary-General of the United Nations António Guterres believes that the European Union should take a leading role in setting climate goals for 2030.


He said this during a meeting on the transition to a climate-neutral world of the thanks tank European Council for Foreign Relations ( ECFR).

According to Guterres, at least 110 countries have already expressed the ambition to become climate neutral. That’s good, “but time is running out”.

He believes it is the task of the European Union, which is responsible for a significant part of global CO2 emissions, to take the lead in this.

“The EU can set an example for the rest of the world. The EU is already a leader in climate action and should remain so.” Guterres asks the EU to stop the financing of fossil fuels. “We applaud the EU’s achievements, but we are far from there.”

The international think tank ECFR organized the online meeting on the role of Europe in the global fight against climate change.

In December, the European Council will meet to decide on the new emission reduction targets for 2030.

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