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Ukraine: West Must End All Trade With Russia

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The western countries must stop all trade with Russia because of the invasion of Ukraine because the money that Russia earns from trade is put into the Russian war machine.


Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitro Koeleba said this at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland.

“My message is very simple. Kill Russian exports,” said Koeleba. “Stop the Russians making money to invest in the war machine that kills, rapes and tortures people in Ukraine.”

That money is also used, according to Kuleba, to keep the regime of President Vladimir Putin afloat. “As long as Russia makes money from selling oil and gas, their pockets will remain well-stocked.” He went on to say that Ukraine is suffering more from the Russian war violence than the Russian economy is suffering from the sanctions.

He also argued for restrictions on Russian shipping. “The vast majority of Russian oil sold on the world market is transported by ship. If you tell the shipping industry that anyone who transports Russian oil will have problems, that’s a big issue.”

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