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UK Government Charts Path to Green Revolution

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has outlined his ambition for a “green revolution” that would force Western economies to kick their old addiction to fossil fuels. The plans will be launched more than a week before the international climate conference in Glasgow, UK.


Johnson, who was once sceptical of climate change, presented his 368-page so-called net-zero strategy at a meeting with investors and multinationals. “A green industrial revolution, fueled by the new freedoms of Brexit,” said the prime minister.

The plans put the UK at the forefront of green economies, it is intended. It would force competitors like China and Russia to follow London’s lead. “The UK is leading the world in the race to net zero,” Johnson said. According to him, green technology is becoming the global norm.

The document is, in fact, a collection of long-term promises, some with reservation, to help the world’s fifth-largest economy transition to new, more environmentally friendly technologies. This will move from clean electricity “subject to safety and delivery” to “paving a path” for sustainable heating in UK homes, meaning less and fewer carbon emissions.

For cleaner power production, the government considers a new large nuclear power plant and more wind energy. By 2030, emissions of harmful substances from the use of oil and gas should be halved.

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