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Twitter is Tightening Up Approach to Misleading Election News

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Twitter makes it even more difficult for users to disseminate misleading information about the US election. This is evident from a blog post that the company posted on Friday.


For example, false claims about an election winner will be labelled.

Users, including politicians, will not be able to claim an election victory until the election results are effectively determined. False claims about an election winner will be tagged, and calls to influence election results or incentives for violence removed.

There will also be additional warnings and restrictions on misleading tweets from politicians and campaign teams and US accounts with more than 100,000 followers.

Retweeting without your own comments will also be more difficult.

Anyone who wants to retweet a message that has been labelled as disinformation will first be referred to as credible information. The company wants to encourage users to add comments themselves.

Thousands of tweets have recently been labelled with a warning label, including from President Donald Trump. For example, his remark that the result of the elections may never be accurately determined received a corrective notice.

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