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Twitter and Facebook Intervene in Trump’s Victory Claims

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Facebook and Twitter have had to adhere to the measures they had specially announced for the US elections. The tech companies intervened in President Donald Trump’s premature victory claims he made on both platforms.


“We are BIG, but they are trying to STEAL the election,” Trump shared in a tweet that has since been shielded on Twitter. The message was also labelled as “potentially misleading” by Twitter in a disclaimer. The tech company has also limited the possibility for other users to share the tweet further.

Twitter emphasizes in the disclaimer that “the platform is questioning some or all of the content” shared in the message. In addition, Twitter states that the message may share potentially misleading information about how Americans can participate in elections or other civil trials.

Trump shared the same message on Facebook, and a disclaimer has been posted there too.

The tech giant makes it clear in this that final results may deviate from the first counts and that the counting of votes could continue for days or weeks. Facebook also emphasizes that the winner of the election has not yet been officially announced.

A Facebook spokesperson says that following the message from Trump, separate messages are also shown in the feed of Facebook and Instagram users. This shows that the votes are still being counted. All messages from both presidential candidates are now automatically labelled with the same information.

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