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Trump Buys Many More Facebook Ads Than Democratic Rivals

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Trump Buys many more Facebook ads than Democratic Rivals. US President Donald Trump is spending a lot more money on Facebook ads for his re-election campaign than the Democratic competitors on their campaigns.


Research shows that Trump has spent about 5 million dollars on Facebook ads this year so far.

The Democratic candidate who has spent the most on Facebook ads is Elizabeth Warren (1.5 million dollars).

Joe Biden, the former US vice president who wants to take part in the presidential election in 2020,

 has spent more than 1 million dollars on Facebook ads since the announcement of his participation a month ago.

That’s more than Trump spent on it in the last month.

Trump spent more money on Facebook ads until the end of March than all Democratic candidates put together.

In the meantime, the 23 candidates have bought together this year for around 9.6 million dollars in Facebook commercials, compared to Trump’s 4.9 million dollars.

Trump focuses on older women

An analysis by research firm Bully Pulpit shows that Trump mainly shows advertisements to older Americans.

It concerns mostly women of 55 years and older.

At the end of March and the beginning of April,

 most of Trump’s advertisements on Facebook were about immigration.

Facebook was an essential tool in Trump’s election campaign in 2016.

Brad Parscale led the digital campaign at the time and said Facebook ads could “appeal to people who were never reached with TV commercials”.

Data collected by Cambridge Analytica
In March 2018 it appeared that the Cambridge Analytica data company had collected user data from millions of Facebook users.

The data is said to have been used for political advertisements,

 including the Trump election campaign in 2016.

The company is said to have used the data to show highly targeted political advertisements to people.

An unidentified member of Trump’s election campaign later claimed to have cooperated with Cambridge Analytica,

 but that his sources were used to collect personal information.

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