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Track, Where German Train Derailed, was on the List for Repair

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The stretch of track in Germany where a train derailed on Friday, killing five and injuring 44, is due to be repaired in June and July. The project was already planned on the website of DB Netz, the German version of ProRail.


A correction would be made to the placement of the rails on 25 June and a section of rails would be replaced on 1 July, the DB Netz site states. Deutsche Bahn could not respond to this report to the newspaper Die Welt, because the investigation is still ongoing.

The investigation had already shown that the train was not speeding too much, and it is now being investigated whether the vehicle derailed due to a technical defect or poor infrastructure.

There were 140 passengers on the train to Munich on Friday when the train ran off the rails just north of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Students were also among the occupants. Some of the wagons collapsed after the derailment of a slope.

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