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Top Executives Facebook and Twitter Warn Against the Erosion of the Internet

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his Twitter counterpart Jack Dorsey fear the Internet will erode if social media is curbed.


They state this in statements that they will make in the US Senate on Wednesday. Google (Alphabet) must also appear and warns of negative consequences. The statements were already released on Tuesday.

Facebook, Twitter and Google are still protected from lawsuits over the content that users post on their online platforms. According to the three mega-corporations, that protection, enshrined in a 1996 law, is crucial to freedom of expression on the Internet.

Dorsey fears otherwise a collapse in the way the Internet is now communicated. And Zuckerberg does not rule out that without that protection, social media companies will censor more to avoid legal action.

Politicians in Washington, on the other hand, are increasingly concerned about the growing power of the three companies, even in the run-up to the US elections.

President Trump, a fanatic twitterer, also expressed fierce criticism after his tweets were removed or provided with a warning. There are therefore calls to amend the law in question.

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