Sunday, April 14

Tokyo 2021 is Considering Admitting Fewer Spectators in Olympics

Only a limited number of spectators will probably be admitted to the Tokyo Olympics in 2021. That says Toshiro Muto, chairman of the organizing committee.


This may also be the case with the Paralympics.

Muto told the BBC to do everything in its power to make the event go through, although for the time being the coronavirus is gripping the world.

The event, which was initially scheduled to take place this summer, is not being postponed again. “2022 is not an option,” said Muto.

Keeping the event in its entirety behind closed doors, as is currently the case at many sports competitions, is not an issue for Tokyo 2021, according to Muto.

“The IOC is not in favour of that. There must be sufficient room for social distancing.”

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