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Timmermans Receives American Climate Envoy Kerry

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The American climate envoy John Kerry will visit Frans Timmermans on Tuesday in Brussels, who is responsible for climate in the European Commission.


Now that a new US government has taken office, the EU and the United States want to work together to combat climate change.

Kerry and Timmermans, who already met when they were both foreign ministers, will discuss the upcoming climate conference on Tuesday afternoon. The so-called COP26 will be held in Glasgow, UK, in November.

They may also look ahead to the climate summit convened by the new president Joe Biden in April.

The unique climate envoy continues to join the weekly meeting of European Commissioners. He speaks with Timmermans, the second man of the committee, also with committee chairman Ursula von der Leyen. Later that evening, Kerry meets with EU foreign chief Josep Borrell.

Kerry will already visit London on Monday, where he will speak to Prime Minister Boris Johnson and organizers of COP26. He also visits Paris.

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