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Timmermans Halfway Through the Climate Summit: Should be Possible

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Frans Timmermans thinks that the climate summit in Glasgow, which is now halfway through, must be successful.


The European Commission’s climate man acknowledges that “we still have an enormous mountain of work to do” but sees “reasons to be happy”.

“I think it can all come together this week,” said Timmermans at the start of the second week of COP26. “If we all set our sights on it, and we all look forward to finding a compromise.”

Timmermans notes that “the sense of urgency has increased”. It is high time that agreement was reached on elaborating the rules for achieving the Paris climate goals, he emphasizes.

“So that at the end of the week we can conclude: we are still on track” to limit global warming to “well below 2 degrees, and to have a chance at 1.5 degrees”.

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