Sunday, April 14

The US is Concerned About Herd Immunity

In the USA, it becomes clear what hurdles await us when finally enough vaccine is available. The pace has been slowing for a few days.


Every American over the age of 16 can now be vaccinated, but many do not want to. The appeals from the authorities are becoming more and more desperate.

You don’t even think about getting vaccinated against Covid-19, says Irene Armendariz-Jackson, 50, a Republican in El Paso, Texas. “I want to exercise my freedom.

Either we live in a free country, or we don’t.” Her father, 83, and her mother, 75, neither of them would have been vaccinated. “You haven’t gotten sick, and they’re still going out.” People gathered for Christmas and Thanksgiving – with no after-effects. “Either we trust God, or we don’t.”

Reluctantly, Armendariz-Jackson put on a mask while we walk into the lobby of a hotel in her hometown. The policy in dealing with Corona is “delusional”. She does not agree with any government measure, including Donald Trump’s corona policy. “You don’t paralyze the economy,” she says.

By ordering the vaccine doses widely regarded as an intelligent move, Trump alone “tried to calm the minds”.

The government argues that the challenging phase in the fight against the potentially deadly virus begins now. Martially, there is even talk of a “close combat”. Around 228 million vaccinations have been administered in the United States to date.

A good 42 percent of all-around 330 million inhabitants have received at least one vaccination dose, over 28 percent are fully vaccinated.

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