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The Stock Markets in New York Started With Gains on Thursday

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The stock markets in New York started with gains on Thursday. Diminishing concerns about a strong pick-up in inflation are still providing relief for investors.


In addition, slightly better than expected figures on the number of new applications for unemployment benefits in the United States were processed.

Yields on US Treasuries fell on Thursday. This can be seen as a sign that worries about peak inflation are on the wane. With rising inflation, money lent becomes less valuable, often resulting in increased interest rates.

The Dow Jones index rose 0.4 percent to 32,438 points in early trading, and the S&P 500 gained 0.7 percent to 3926 points. Tech gauge Nasdaq rose 1.6 percent to 13,274 points.

Heavyweights such as Apple, Amazon and Microsoft gained more than 1 percent. The stocks of fast-growing tech companies are typically sensitive to rising interest rates. The funds are often valued based on expected profits for the coming years.

Aircraft maker Boeing in turn, got more than 3 percent after it is reportedly on the verge of a multi-billion-dollar order from Southwest Airlines for its 737 MAX aircraft. Software producer Oracle lost almost 8 percent after figures.

The cloud branch of the company, in particular, underperformed. Dating app Bumble (plus 10.3 percent) also came up with figures. Pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson also received approval for its corona vaccine in Europe. The J&J share went up slightly.

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