Sunday, April 14

The Stock Exchanges in New York Started With A Profit on Monday

The stock exchanges in New York started the new trading week with a profit on Monday.


Chip companies are pulling the cart on Wall Street after the takeover of the British chip designer ARM Holdings by the American chipmaker Nvidia.

There is also renewed hope for the rapid discovery of a corona vaccine.

Shortly after opening, the Dow Jones index recorded a plus of 0.7 percent at 27,849 points. The broad-based S&P 500 rose 1 percent to 3,373 points, and the Nasdaq technology gauge climbed 1.3 percent to 10,995 points.

Pharmaceutical company Pfizer (plus 0.8 percent is confident that its corona vaccine will be ready at the end of October and after approval can be distributed in the United States by the end of this year, CEO Albert Bourla told television channel CBS.

Software company Oracle appears to have won the battle for TikTok’s US operations. Microsoft has already announced that it will throw in the towel. There would be no sale of the entire activities, but above all, a collaboration.

China wouldn’t allow TikTok parent ByteDance to get rid of the algorithms behind the app. Trading in Oracle was halted pending news.

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