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The Smallest Baby Ever to Survive Birth can Go Home After 13 Months in Hospital

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The smallest baby ever to survive birth has been released from a hospital in Singapore after 13 months. Kwek Yu Xuan was born at 25 weeks and weighed 212 grams, the equivalent of an apple. Her chances of ever leaving the hospital alive were slim, but miraculously she made it.


“An extraordinary corona baby” is what Kwek Yu Xuan is called by the hospital staff, where she was kept alive for no less than 13 months and treated with extreme intensity.

The girl was born by Caesarean section when her mother was 25 weeks pregnant. The birth had to happen so early because the mother suffered from preeclampsia or preeclampsia. Unfortunately, that is too high blood pressure, so that the baby no longer receives nutrition through the placenta. Preeclampsia is life-threatening for both mother and child. So to save the mother, the child is born too early.

More exceptional in this case is the girl’s extremely low birth weight: 212 grams. Babies weighing less than 500 grams almost never survive birth anyway. Thirteen months after her birth, Kwek Yu Xuan weighed 6.3 kilograms and was found healthy enough to leave the hospital, where she received months of extremely intensive treatment, supported by various machines to keep her alive.

The hospital speaks of a miracle. “Against all odds and with health complications at birth, this girl has inspired those around her with her persistence and growth. She is an extraordinary ‘corona baby’ and a ray of hope in the chaos,” her doctors said in a statement. So her birth is indeed good news. Still, she has mixed feelings about it and expresses herself more cautiously than her colleagues in Singapore.

It’s a milestone to survive with such a weight, but you pay the price for it anyway!

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