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The Medical World is Baffled by Donald Trump’s Suggestions

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In his daily corona briefing, U.S. President Donald Trump proposed using UV irradiation or injecting disinfectants as a remedy for the coronavirus.


Doctors are bewildered at Trump’s suggestions. They are irresponsible and dangerous, they say.

The daily briefing of the White House corona task force began with an announcement by Bill Bryan of the Department of Homeland Security.

New research has found that sunlight, heat and moisture harm the virus, he reported.

Then-President Donald Trump spoke. Following Bryan’s statements, he proposed to irradiate people with UV light to kill the virus.

“I would like you to discuss with medical doctors if there is a way you can apply light and heat to cure the virus. I am not a doctor, but I am one of a kind,” said Trump, while tapped his head.

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