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The Four Political Parties Want to Form A New Government in Suriname Together

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The four political parties that want to form a new government in Suriname together demand a final determination of the results of the elections of 25 May as soon as possible. They want to get started.


The VHP, ABOP, NPS and PL feel that the slowness with which the process is now proceeding is not very respectful towards the voters. That is stated in a press release issued on Friday.

Yesterday, the official results were announced by the Ministry of the Interior with a delay of a week and a half.

We now have to wait for the Central Electoral Committee to determine the result and the Independent Electoral Bureau to declare the elections binding or not. Surinamese law says that the newly elected parliament must meet for the first time within thirty days.

Desi Bouterse, President of the NDP, has not yet accepted the election results. All other political parties and also parts of the NDP have done so.

“This party is ignoring the will of the people who gave the winners 33 out of 51 seats,” the coalition of four said.

VHP, ABOP, NPS and PL want to get to work as soon as possible. A lot has to be done.

Covid-19 and the impoverished state of the economy have caused many families and businesses to run into problems. “Delay in the determination of the result by political games of the incumbent government must stop.”

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