Sunday, April 14

The Death Toll From the Attack in Canada Has Risen to 22

The death toll from the attack in Canada has risen to 22. Last weekend, a gunman murdered the Canadian province of Nova Scotia.


He had dressed as a police officer. Nothing is known about his motive.

The shooting started last Saturday and ended 12 hours later when police shot the perpetrator. According to the police, he planned the murder of his first victims, but then it was random victims. He also set several houses on fire.

According to the police, the perpetrator acted alone. There is still nothing about a motif. He had dressed as an agent and had equipped his car to resemble a patrol car.

As a result, he was initially able to move freely in an area of 50 kilometres around Portapique, where the attack started.

Meanwhile, the government is criticized for failing to alert mobile phones near where the shooting took place.

However, the system was previously used to advise everyone to stay inside to fight the coronavirus.

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