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The Case of 141-Year-Old Voter: Zimbabwe Ballot at Risk

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The Case of 141-Year-Old Voter: Zimbabwe Ballot at Risk. More than a hundred voters who are registered at the same address: that seems a bit strange, writes Down Town News.


But it is the case in Zimbabwe, in the run-up to the presidential election of 30 July.

The list of the 5.6 million voter Zimbabweans does contain more quirks, according to reports from, among others, the AP news agency.

For example, one of the voters is 134 years old. Incidentally, it is still young, compared with another voter of 141.

The irregularities in the electoral roll cast a shadow over the approaching ballot box in Zimbabwe.

The opposition suggests in advance that electoral fraud is being committed. This while President Emmerson Mnangagwa (75) is very interested in presenting a ‘free and fair’ election process.

Mnangagwa hopes to acquire legitimacy and convince foreign donors and investors to return to poor Zimbabwe.

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