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Texas Shooting: Republican Politician Must Take Back Wrong Statements

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After the massacre in Uvalde, Texas, people are busy looking at how the drama could have happened. For example, a Republican politician on Friday wondered how it is possible that the 18-year-old gunman Salvador Ramos was arrested four years ago because he already said he had plans for a school shooting and could still do it now.


Less than an hour later he had to retract those words: his claims are not true.

“This is not hearsay,” Republican politician Tony Gonzales told Fox News Friday morning. “I learned this last night. The shooter was arrested four years ago for having this plan. Because he told people that in 2022 when he came of age, he would start shooting in a school. Something that has fallen between the folds between then and now has made this possible.

We need to clarify what happened. And we need to figure out what to do so it never happens again. We need to know how the emergency services saw him as a threat four years ago and he wasn’t now.”

Just hours later, Gonzales’ claims turned out to be untrue. The police and the state of Texas denied to Bill Melugan, a reporter at the same Fox News, that Ramos was arrested four years ago. “Two minors were arrested four years ago for planning a shooting, but Uvalde’s shooter was not among them and was not arrested,” he wrote on Twitter.

Gonzales himself soon realized that he had not been telling the truth. “It is now unclear whether the shooter was one of the two children arrested,” he wrote on Twitter. “But if that wasn’t the shooter, we’ll have to find out who those kids were and where they are now. Or maybe they were classmates of his.”

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