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Tens of Thousands of Britons Have Been Without Power for Five Nights After Storm

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Tens of thousands of Britons have been without power for almost a week due to the severe storm Arwen, which has left a trail of devastation. Politicians are now calling for the military to help repair the damage to the electricity grid.


The government is also under fire because parliamentarians believe they are poorly informed, British media write.

The large-scale blackout mainly affects people in the north of England and Scotland, but problems have also been reported in Wales. Grid operator Electricity North West has warned that some households may have to wait until Friday for power to return.

Residents of affected areas make it clear in the media that they are close to despair. “It’s gruelling trying to keep warm and cook,” said a 39-year-old property developer from West Allerdean. According to the BBC, a diabetic from Kendal said he was in a “very challenging” situation. “I keep my medication in a refrigerator. It’s probably no longer usable.”

The British broadcaster reported on Wednesday afternoon that 13,000 households are still without power at network operator Northern Powergrid. Electricity North West has 6,000 customers, and thousands of other households are still waiting for electricity to be restored after the storm at the end of last week.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated this week that he sympathizes with the victims. He promised that everything would be done to fix the problems as soon as possible. “It must be terrible. I believe that a million households were without power,” said the prime minister. According to him, most people now have power again is little consolation for those who are still in trouble.

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