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Taliban Also Capture Afghanistan’s Third Largest City, Herat

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The Taliban are conquering more and more provincial cities in Afghanistan. The Foreign Office, therefore, requests Germans to leave the country. In the country, people are fleeing to the borders and also to the capital Kabul.


The Taliban’s advance is unstoppable. Now they have also conquered the third largest city in Afghanistan, Herat. In addition, they took control of the police headquarters in the city near the Iranian border without resistance.

There are eerie images that are now also taking place in the third-largest city in Afghanistan, Herat. Armed with assault rifles and rocket launchers, the Taliban run through various city areas and take control of life there.

The Taliban are now on the streets where there were a few cars. The police headquarters were abandoned and brought under control by the Stone Age warriors. Likewise, the historic citadel, once built under Alexander the Great, and the imposing mosque of the city, was built in the 15th century. Security forces and government officials have withdrawn from the city.

“We had to leave the city to prevent further destruction,” it said from security circles. Fierce fighting for the city had previously been reported. Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesman for the Taliban, said that local soldiers had surrendered and joined the Taliban on Twitter. Dozens of military vehicles and weapons fell into their hands.

Many Shiite Hazara live in Herat due to the proximity to Iran, who are considered mortal enemies by the Sunni Taliban. The second-largest city in Afghanistan, Kandahar, is also apparently on the verge of falling to the Taliban. They already control almost the entire north and west of the country; at the weekend, they conquered Kunduz, where a Bundeswehr base was once located.

In addition to the capital, the government in Kabul only controls a handful of areas and besieged cities in many places. But, according to media reports, it has now offered the Taliban power-sharing and a ceasefire.

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