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Super Cheap Ways for Backpacking Thailand: A Quick Guide

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Are you looking for the cheapest ways for backpacking Thailand? You will be surprised to learn here about several most inexpensive backpacking ways that will make your travelling experience mind-blowing. Let’s explore some of the most effective and result-proven ways for backpacking Thailand that will make your day!


The Best Ways for Backpacking Thailand


1. Pack Light while backpacking Thailand
The most effective and cheapest backpacking trick is to pack light. Packing light means that only keep that stuff with you that is necessary and you will need it at any cost. For example, you must keep at least two dresses, teeth brush, hairbrush, and a pair of shoes with you.

Besides all the essentials, avoid keeping any extra stuff with you while travelling. Packing only the necessary material will also save a lot of your money because, in this way, you will not have to buy extra stuff as well as the extra bags for packing them.

2. Camp out for backpacking Thailand
If you ever get a chance to visit Thailand, always choose to camp out if it is only for a few days. In this way, you will enjoy the cheapest backpacking for Thailand because you won’t have to invest in paying the massive bills of luxurious hotels in Thailand.

Otherwise, you will have to keep a lot of money with you if you decide to stay in a hotel. In contrast, camping out will not only double the joy of your trip but will also save your monetary resources. However, it must look for a free camping zone, instead of setting out your camp at a paid location.

3. Bring your meals/snacks for island hopping tours Thailand
For the cheapest backpacking or island hopping tours Thailand, you must keep some unperishable meals or snacks with you. It will help you in fulfilling your hunger several times during your trip. Otherwise, if you keep on buying food from the hotels every time you feel hungry, it will cost you more.

As a result, you will have to carry more cash with you, and that will ultimately add more stress into your trip due to financial expenditures as well as its care and security.

4. Buy train passes or walk
The best advice while backpacking Thailand is to buy some train passes or choose to walk. Avoid booking personal cars or taxies because they will be very costly and consume a large portion of your budget. If you have to go to a nearby place, it is best to walk and do whatever you wanted. If you have to move far away from the location where you are staying, take a train ride to save your money.

5. Use cheap farmer markets for grocery
You must use the competitive farmer markets for grocery or related stuff. The main reason behind this is the availability of all types of fresh food at the most affordable prices. Even if you are hungry and want to buy a meal during island hopping tours in Thailand, you will find many options in such markets.

The food is not only cheap but also fresh and hygienic. So, make sure to find the nearest farmer market if you are looking for the super cheap ways for backpacking Thailand.

6. Don’t hesitate to travel with a group
Finally, figure out the ways through which you can accompany others while going to island hopping tours Thailand. Through this way, the cost of travelling and related expenditures will be shared among each member, and you wouldn’t have to pay all alone. Otherwise, travelling alone will always cost you more and also include the boringness of your trip.

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