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State of New York: Even More Quarantined Visitors for Two Weeks

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The state of New York with the eponymous metropolis will oblige even more visitors to go into quarantine for two weeks.


In the fight against the coronavirus, the New York government wants travellers from sixteen US states to self-isolate.

That has doubled since the publication of the first list of states a week ago. New York responds to the dramatic increase in corona infections in states such as California.

Florida and Texas were already on the list. Nearly half of the U.S. population lives in the sixteen states.

For a time, New York State was the epicentre of the corona pandemic, with 800 deaths and thousands of infections daily.

However, the number of infections decreased considerably due to all kinds of measures.

In other parts of the US, on the other hand, the number of infections is rising sharply, possibly due to a too rapid relaxation of the corona rules.

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