Sunday, April 14

Sony Blames Slow Production PS5 on Chip Shortage

Despite the high demand for the game console, production of the PlayStation 5 will not immediately increase. A chip shortage is a basis.


Sony shipped about 4.5 million units of its new PlayStation 5 console in the last months of 2020. The tech manufacturer reports this in its annual results. This is a similar number as during the launch of the PlayStation 4, which came on the market in the last quarter of 2013.

However, it seems that the demand this time, partly due to lockdowns worldwide, is a lot higher. The launch of the PS5 (and the new Xbox game console from competitor Microsoft) was accompanied by significant shortages and confusion about online deliveries.

However, that does not mean that production will be increased. “It’s difficult to ramp up production of the PS5 amid a shortage of semiconductors and other components,” said Hiroki Totoki, Sony CFO, during the presentation of the annual results. “We have not been able to meet the high demand fully, but we do everything we can to ship as many devices as possible to customers waiting for a PS5.”

Shortage of components appears to be a growing trend across the tech sector. Qualcomm and Mazda also blame their slower production this week on chip shortages. The global demand for chips, which third parties often make, is greater than the supply, it says.

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