Sunday, April 14

Small Advertisers on Facebook Complain About Account Blocks

Small businesses that advertise on Facebook complain that their accounts are sometimes blocked out of the blue.


With a blocked account, they can no longer manage their advertising campaigns, while the campaigns continue to run.

Facebook’s automatic spam detection would block the accounts. However, the advertisers complain that there is no way to counter an unjustified block quickly. For example, the company’s appeal procedures are also mostly automated, which can cause people to become entangled in the system.

There are usually several versions of a Facebook ad, depending on the target audience. For example, a company can tailor advertisements specifically. However, this makes it necessary to manage campaigns actively: if a particular variant turns out to work poorly, the budget can be moved to a good-scoring version.

When the administrator is blocked, active adjustments can no longer be made. An advertiser compares it to Bloomberg with relinquishing a credit card without any insight into what is being bought with it.

In response, Facebook states that control systems are necessary to prevent abuse and fraud. However, the company recognizes that the systems are not perfect and apologizes for errors.

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