Sunday, April 14

Shell is Considering Mandatory Vaccination Against Coronavirus

Oil and gas company Shell is considering introducing a vaccination obligation for its staff. That reports the British business newspaper Financial Times based on a leaked internal memo.


Employees working on oil rigs and other remote locations would be the first to be required to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. For example, employees who work in the office will be subjected to mandatory vaccinations “overtime”. Those who refuse would be fired in the worst-case scenario.

A Dutch spokesperson for Shell did not want to comment on the internal memo or the consequences for Dutch employees. However, according to the Financial Times, it says, among other things, that Shell should not be a “pioneer” in the field of vaccination obligations and should “be in line with governments and society on this controversial issue”.

Also, the document states that opponents of compulsory vaccination are likely to be “vociferous” and that there is expected to be more resistance from workers in the Gulf of Mexico due to the lower vaccination coverage in that region.

Personnel from oil and gas companies work for weeks on oil rigs, sometimes hundreds of kilometres off the coast. Employees are flown back and forth by helicopter. Last month, US oil producers Hess and Chevron announced that they demanded that personnel working in the Gulf of Mexico be vaccinated. Shell also has several oil rigs there.

In several countries, including France and the United States, employers are allowed to ask whether their employees have been vaccinated. In the US, companies such as Facebook, Google and Microsoft are taking advantage of this by requiring staff to be vaccinated. In France, the same obligation applies to healthcare workers.

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