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Seven People Convicted of Attempted Murder in Switzerland

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Seven people were sentenced Friday to prison terms ranging from 10 months to 13 years for attempted murder in Bilten, Switzerland, in 2018. It appears that it was a retaliatory act.


One of the suspects is from Belgium. Four of the defendants will not be allowed to stay in the country for the next 15 years, and a fifth will not be allowed to enter Switzerland for the next five years.

In October 2018, a young man in Bilten, in the northeast of the country, was assaulted and beaten by two suspects. The victim survived the blows through prompt medical attention. However, the two aggressors have been sentenced to 10.5 years and 13 years in prison for attempted murder.

According to the court, they acted on the orders of two other defendants and each collected 10,000 Swiss francs (9,601 euros) to beat up the victim. The two clients had been attacked by the victim a year and a half earlier. They were sentenced to ten years and thirteen years in prison. In addition, the four defendants have been banned from entering Switzerland for 15 years.

A woman has been sentenced to 18 months in prison for drug offences and forging identity documents. A couple has been sentenced to ten months and a year in prison for falsifying a fragment of the prosecution register. The seven defendants come from Albania, Belgium, Kosovo and North Macedonia. The victim receives 80,000 Swiss francs (76,877 euros) in compensation.

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