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Senate Impeachment Trial Against Donald Trump Will Start Next Week

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Nancy Pelosi, the US House of Representatives’ Speaker, will submit the indictment against former President Donald Trump to the Senate next Monday.


That way, the impeachment process against Trump can start next week. Trump is believed responsible for his supporters’ storming of the US parliament building on Jan. 6.

A week ago, a majority of members of the House of Representatives approved the impeachment process. This was done by drafting and approving a so-called impeachment article (an indictment, so to speak).

In that deed, ex-President Donald Trump is held responsible for the Capitol’s storming by his supporters. The official charge is “incitement of insurrection” or “incitement to insurrection”.

Trump supporters broke into the US parliament building on Jan. 6, just as the Senate was meeting to ratify the election of Joe Biden as the new president. Shortly before the storm, Trump had made another inflammatory speech reiterating that the election victory had been stolen from him.

The impeachment process itself takes place in the Senate. On Monday, the House’s Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, will officially deliver the deed to the Senate. In principle, the process can start the day after, so on Tuesday, Jan. 26.

The trial is not chaired by Senate Chair and Vice President Kamala Harris, but by the Chair of the Supreme Court. The senators are the jury, as it were. The process can take weeks, maybe even months.

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