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Samsung is Keeping Chinese Factories Closed for the Time Being

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South Korean Samsung Electronics is keeping some of its Chinese factories closed, for the time being, the technology group announced on Thursday.


The decision is in line with the regulations of the Chinese government, explained the maker of, among other things, memory chips.

China previously announced that it would extend the holiday season around the Chinese New Year in connection with the outbreak of the new coronavirus. Usually, the festivities would end this Thursday.

The Japanese automaker Toyota announced earlier that it would shut down its factories in China until 9 February. Measures taken by the Chinese government against the spread of the coronavirus make it more challenging to supply parts.

Several international chains such as McDonald’s, IKEA, Starbucks and WeWork also closed the doors of many branches in the Asian country for the time being.

Samsung did not make any statements about the financial impact of keeping the locations closed for longer.

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