Sunday, April 14

Sales of Janssen Corona Vaccine have Become an Uncertain Factor at J&J

Pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson (J&J) scraps its previous prospects for the sale of its corona vaccine. The Janssen vaccine developed in Leiden has a lot of competition from other vaccines against Covid-19.


In addition, there is a worldwide oversupply, J&J writes in its quarterly figures.

This year, J&J predicted a further 3.5 billion dollars in turnover from the vaccine developed by subsidiary Janssen. Now J&J is scrapping the forecast for vaccine sales in its entirety. The company also expects lower adjusted profit than previously forecasted.

Johnson & Johnson also suffered from production problems with its corona vaccines last year. In addition, an infrequent but severe side effect can occur after the vaccination.

Thanks to the sale of other medicines, Johnson & Johnson achieved a higher turnover than last year’s first three months. This is partly because regular care can continue more often than during the heyday of the pandemic.

Revenues increased 5% to $23.4 billion from sales of several drugs against the cancers of multiple myeloma, prostate cancer and psoriasis. On the other hand, earnings fell 17 percent to $5.1 billion.

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