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Saarland Was the First State to Stop Lockdown

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The small Saarland was the first German federal state to relax corona measures on Tuesday essentially.


Residents were allowed to visit catering establishments, cinemas and other public buildings with a negative result of a corona test in their pocket.

Regional authorities in the Land, which borders Luxembourg and France, felt that it was justified to end strict measures after Easter. The number of corona infections per 100,000 inhabitants is relatively low, and testing is carried out on a large scale.

“More testing, more vigilance and more possibilities: that is our formula,” said state prime minister Tobias Hans, a party member of Chancellor Angela Merkel. The national head of government recently showed that he is not a fan of the ‘Saarland model’. Merkel said it was too early to relax measures.

Germany has been in lockdown since December, but states have many powers to make their own policies. This has led to a patchwork of corona measures. For example, residents of Berlin and Hamburg were faced with stricter measures during Easter.

In the background, Germans have to go to the polls again in September to elect a new parliament.

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