Sunday, April 14

Ryanair’s “Jab and go” Ad Goes Down the Wrong Way

Ryanair’s “Jab and Go” advertising is misleading and irresponsible, the British advertising watchdog said. Ryanair is not allowed to repeat a UK advertising campaign with the slogan “Jab and Go” (“Stick and go”).


The British advertising watchdog ruled that the airline’s campaign was misleading and irresponsible.

In commercials, Ryanair promised carefree holidays in the Easter and summer holidays, thanks to the corona vaccines. These were commercials that appeared on TV in December and January in which young people were seen during a trip without mouth masks and other corona measures.

The advertising watchdog Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) received more than 2,300 complaints about it. Some thought the advertisement gave the impression that most Britons will be vaccinated by spring/summer and would be able to travel without restrictions. However, that is far from certain.

The ASA ruled that the advertisements should no longer be broadcast. “ We told Ryanair to make sure their ads don’t mislead viewers about the impact of covid-19 vaccines on their ability to travel during the Easter holidays and summer 2021 and to make sure their advertising isn’t irresponsible encourages’, it says.

Ryanair disagrees with the decision but will adhere to it, the airline said. It is not the first time that Ryanair has been criticized for its advertisements. Meanwhile, the Irish airline is facing a billion euro loss.

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