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Russian Opposition Politician Alexei Navalny Goes on Hunger Strike in Prison

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Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny goes on a hunger strike in protest against the strict prison regime.


Navalny has complained of severe health problems since being held in a prison camp 100 kilometres from Moscow but does not get to see a doctor. The opponent must serve a sentence of two years and eight months for allegedly violating the terms of a previous conviction.

“Why do prisoners go on hunger strike?” Navalny writes on his Instagram page. “That is a question that concerns only those who have never been prisoners.

It all seems complicated from the outside. But inside, everything is simple: there are no other means to fight, so you go on a hunger strike.”

Navalny has been complaining about health problems and bullying for some time. His lawyers have previously stated that his health has been a cause for concern since he has been in prison. The 44-year-old politician and anti-corruption blogger has severe back pain and says he is losing his legs.

Yet, he says he will not see a doctor. Besides, Navalny is considered a “flight hazard” and is woken every hour at night by the guards.

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