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Russia Successfully Launches Two of Its Own Telecom Satellites

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Russia has successfully launched two of its own telecom satellites, the Russian space agency Roscosmos has reported.


On Monday, a Russian Proton launch vehicle departed from the Baykonur spaceport in Kazakhstan. The payload consisted of the civilian telecom satellites Express AMU33 and Express AMU7, built by the company ISS Resjetnev for the main public operator of such satellites, Kosmitjeseskaya Sijaz.

The Express AMU7, weighing more than 2.1 tons, was released from the track injector Breeze-M on Tuesday at 07.14 hours Belgian time, which ignited five times.

Eighteen hours and seven minutes after the lift-off, it was the turn of the Express AMU7. The satellites are now on their way to operational geostationary orbits at 103 and 145 degrees E, respectively. Both satellites have a lifespan of at least fifteen years.

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