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Russia Seems to Want to Continue Dialogue with the West

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Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov believes his country should continue to negotiate with the West. Lavrov still sees “opportunities” for an agreement, and he told President Putin.


That in itself is a hopeful sign, but caution is advised because there is certainly no question of de-escalation yet. Russia continues to send troops to the Ukrainian border. Tomorrow, German Chancellor Scholz will meet Russian President Putin in Moscow.

Since the end of last year, Russia has been building up a large military force on the border with Ukraine: on its own soil, but also in Belarus, on the Crimean peninsula annexed by Russia and in the Black Sea. It would already be about 130,000 soldiers.

What exactly Russian President Vladimir Putin is planning is still not certain. Still, the West fears that Russia will (partially) invade Ukraine and that incursion could happen at any moment, according to the United States.

For the time being, however, diplomatic consultations are still continuing in the hope of defusing the escalating conflict. And if it depends on Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, his country must continue to talk with the West for the time being. Nevertheless, Lavrov sees “opportunities” to reach an agreement, and he told his boss, President Putin.

According to Lavrov, the United States has put forward concrete proposals to reduce military risks and increase confidence, such as restrictions on installing missiles and military exercises in Eastern Europe. But, on the other hand, Lavrov finds the European Union’s and NATO’s response to be inadequate and disappointing for the time being.

The talks cannot go on indefinitely, Lavrov also knows, but he advises Putin to at least continue and expand them for the moment.

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