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Russia Imposes Travel Ban on EU Leaders

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Russia is imposing sanctions on European Union leaders, some EU commissioners and top European military figures in response to sanctions following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In practice, this means a ban on travelling to Russia.


The majority of MEPs are also affected by the measure. The list also includes government members and parliamentarians from several EU member states, public figures, and media personalities speaking out against Russia.

“The European Union’s sanctions policy against Russia goes beyond all borders,” Russia’s foreign ministry said. By acting, the European Union is not only creating a deadlock in relations with Russia but is also endangering the well-being and security of its own citizens, as well as the stability of the global financial and economic system statement. Names are not mentioned therein.

Moscow imposed travel bans on US President Joe Biden, ministers and other senior officials in the US two weeks ago. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and more than 300 other Canadians were also added to the list.

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