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Russia Has Approved A New Antiviral Drug for the Treatment of Corona Patients

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Russia has approved a new antiviral drug for the treatment of corona patients. That was announced by producer R-Pharm.


Research in less severe cases would have shown that the drug very effectively inhibits the multiplication of the coronavirus.

Coronavir is one of the first drugs in Russia and in the world that does not address the complications of the virus, but fights the virus itself, the company said. Within five days, the virus is reported to have been eliminated in 77.5 percent of patients.

Coronavir stops the infection much faster because of the “effective inhibition of virus replication,” said R-Pharm’s medical director. Testing started in late May. More than 110 outpatients have now received the treatment.

Coronavir is the third registered drug in Russia against the new coronavirus.

The first, Avifavir, has been given to patients since June 11. Russia now had more than 700,000 infections. More than 10,000 people succumbed to the infection.

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