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RIVM: ‘Part Of Medical Apps Does Not Meet Guidelines’

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RIVM: ‘Part of Medical apps does not meet Guidelines’. The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) researched hundreds of apps that measure the health of users. Part of it does not meet the guidelines.


The RIVM investigated 271 apps that allow users to map their health or lifestyle. Of these, 21 percent turns out to be a medical device.

For example, the apps provide support for a disease. For instance, they give tips on quitting smoking,

 they measure heart rate or offer advice with psychological difficulties.

In half of the apps that have been assessed as medically, the CE mark that is required for this is missing, according to the RIVM.

The study was conducted after the Ministry of Health, Welfare and the Environment (VWS) wanted to know,

 which medical products are on the market and whether they comply with the regulations.

The maker of a medical device is responsible for quality and safety.

In 2020, the new regulations for medical devices will come into force.

Health apps then get a heavier admission procedure to appear in app stores.

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