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Ray-Ban Needs to Make Facebook Smart Glasses Cool

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Facebook is working on smart glasses but does not only want to appeal to the tech enthusiast. A collaboration with eyewear brand Ray-Ban should help to make smart glasses cool.


By collaborating with Ray-Ban, Facebook wants to prevent smart glasses from becoming a flop. Previously, Google already came out with a similar gadget, the Google Glass, but those glasses were criticized for being too ugly.

At the time, the ingrained camera also raised questions about the privacy of people who came into contact with a wearer of such glasses.

Wearers of the Google glasses were soon renamed glassholes on the internet, a contraction of the name of the glasses and the English swear word asshole.

A version of the Google Glass for the business market continued to exist. It is used in warehouses, factories and distribution centres and helps employees there to find their way as efficiently as possible.

Facebook’s glasses will be able to provide all kinds of information to the wearer via a built-in computer or link with a smartphone, but further details are still lacking. The gadget will be released in the course of next year.

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