Sunday, April 14

Queen Elizabeth Used Obscure Procedures to Evade Climate Law

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth used a secretive parliamentary mechanism to be exempted from an essential climate rule in Scotland. That writes The Guardian.


The Queen is currently the only landowner in Scotland who is not required to have pipes installed to be heated with renewable energy. But, according to new documents, the Queen used a procedure called Queen’s consent for this. An obscure parliamentary procedure that gives the monarch access to the legislation in advance.

So the Queen’s lawyers – one of the largest landowners in the country – insiderly lobbied Scottish ministers to amend a bill that would exempt her private land.

Uncovered by a researcher for the Scottish Liberal Democrats, the new documents reveal how the Queen used her special access to Scottish law back in February to interfere in the parliamentary process.

Those documents also show that Nicola Sturgeon’s Scottish government failed to make this public when a Scottish politician asked during a parliamentary debate earlier this year why the Queen was requesting an exemption from the energy law.

The Guardian also previously revealed how, between the 1960s and 1980s, the Queen repeatedly used her privileged access to bills to lobby ministers, often favouring “her own interests”.

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