Sunday, April 14

Queen Elizabeth Rides A Pony At Windsor Castle

British Queen Elizabeth (94) had her photos taken for the first time since the lockdown started. She took a ride on her pony in the grounds of Windsor Castle.


Elizabeth has been staying at Windsor Castle with her husband, Prince Philip (98) since March.

Buckingham Palace distributed a photo of the Queen, who enjoyed a ride on her 14-year-old pony Balmoral Fern on Sunday evening. She wears a pink scarf on her head and white gloves.

“The queen has been riding horses since childhood and is closely involved with the horses in her possession,” the caption of the Instagram post read.

The 94-year-old British Queen is known as an animal lover. When she went to Windsor in mid-March, her dogs’ Candy and Vulcan were reportedly in her car.

Buckingham Palace, home of the Queen in London, is currently closed to tourists due to the corona pandemic.

It does have a large garden and tennis court, which is suitable for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has to move to rehab after his massive corona infection. The Queen has given her Prime Minister permission to exercise in her domain.

Typically, Johnson sports in public areas, but now that he can do that at Buckingham Palace, fewer security personnel are required.

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