Sunday, April 14

Putin: Russia Recognises Entire Donbas Region’s Independence

Russia recognises the independence of the self-proclaimed eastern Ukrainian republics of Donetsk and Luhansk in a significantly larger area than they now control.


President Vladimir Putin has clarified this after he recognised the separatist states in the Donbas region as countries the day before.

The rebels control about a third of the so-called Donbas Basin but claim a much larger area in their constitution. Putin also takes that as a starting point.

The head of state was given the go-ahead from parliament on Tuesday to provide military support for Russian-speaking separatists in the neighbouring country. This paves the way for a direct fight with the Ukrainian army in the areas controlled by Kyiv. The separatists now control about 30 percent of Donetsk and Luhansk.

According to Putin, whether and when Russian soldiers go to Ukraine depends on the situation. Putin had already said he would send Russian soldiers there on a “peace mission.” However, according to Russian media, they already crossed the border last night. Putin, in a speech, called for “a degree” of demilitarisation of Ukraine.

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